Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Social Media Journey ... What I have been learning from Twitter

Now into the 4th week of Jan 2010.  It has been one exhilarating ride socially online for me - on Twitter. 

The definition of the journey so far ...
T.W.I.T.T.E.R = To Write In The True Emotions Randomly

RT @ShebaJo @AskAaronLee @Lina_Martana @ihatequotes @TrendyDC (slight edit)
... and the benefits I got:
1. World News & Concerns (going beyond the facts and figures);
2. Industry updates;
3. Market reports & insights;
4. Educational Youtube videos;
5. Pings for participation in online surveys;
6. Tips and tricks, Tools which come in real useful;
7. Humorous Banter and quotes which put a smile on my face;
8. Inspirational Quotes which I value greatly;

The new information superhighway (if I may borrow this rather aged phrase from the nineties!) is really now super-charged and simply full of vibrancy.  Lots of favourites and gradual listing (as I struggle *pant*) to keep up with all you awesome contributors to all the cool happenings all over the world, your thoughts -> the smiles when I get a funny quote or two with the rise or setting of the sun.

From @amusingtweets "All life is an experiment" - and to me now every day looks like a new moving canvass, ready to be painted with the light dabs, brushes of the social media. 

I am working on compiling the cool and funny quotes I have received so far - stay tuned to get a copy.

Til Later,
Nelson Wee

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