Thursday, December 31, 2009

Undeniable Wave of Social Media Set to Change Consumer Behavior

Social Media looks like an undeniable force in the marketplace of today.

I am a newbie on Twitter, currently exploring, growing my following list and constantly amazed and gratified at the same time on the amount of knowledge which finds me, rather than I go googling, wikiing or binging.  I am also reading a book Twitterville by @shelisrael, a prominent social media journalist and speaker - in easy converational twitter style, provides you with case studies and reasons why Twitter is hot and relevant to individuals, small businesses as well as large enterprises in their respective personal, customer service, special promotions as well as knowledge transfers in this new information age.

[added 6-JAN-2010]: My blog is always WIP ... here is a great slide deck on "Twitter for Business" which I found from a Tweet and could not resist sharing from the

I search and buy books from - largely trusting the rating there more before I buy from or the bookstore (if I need to get the book like right now and not having to wait for the logistics US to Singapore).  Well for one thing, especially during these recessionary times, and discretionary spending and extremely crowded out schedules we live in, online sites like have been doing well - you can see from AMZN stock performance.

To add to the pudding, my wife shops for her clothing online - despite what many have disclaimed that shopping for clothes or accessories online is a big no-no.  And my son, since he was 4, has been googling, you-tubing (for his fix of cartoons, movie trailers) and playing online flash games -> he keeps going on his hyper-linking (and comes to me of course with a suggestive, "Daddy, did you know that there is this interesting Transformers game coming to the stores"  or "Avatar is so nice ... how about catching it this ... "  And of course, I turned to the Cloud crowd in Twitter to ensure I am booking online for a good show - never regretted the decision.

Take a look at this Social Media video which I found via a tweet from @promedia - certainly gives one a or rather several good reasons why social media is not a fad but rather a wave giving rise to a a fundamental shift in consumer behavior.

My following this journey in social media continues to evolve and I suspect will ramp up in an even more frantic pace in 2010 ... how is your journey?

Happy 2010 everyone!
Nelson Wee

Photo credit: Intersection Consulting / / CC BY-NC


Avatar said...

Googling, Wiking, Binging.. those words rhymes and funny. I guess we can apply it to almost every Social Network. Facebooking, Tweeting, Flickring and more. Happy new year.

Nelson Wee said...

thanks and happy new year to you too, Avatar!...

been to your site - nice entertainment review site - are you are Twitter - how to find you? @nelsonwee