Sunday, November 22, 2009

Embracing & Participating in the Educational Journey of our children

I was pleasantly blown away yesterday, 21-NOV, from the Primary One induction program for my son, Elijah, who will be entering the road to Primary School education come Jan 2010.

The school principal spoke about the mutual trust in her team which parents have to allay, the collaborative participation and support parents need to play at home, all in the continual efforts and spirit to reinforce the learning journey of our children in the 6 upcoming formative years in primary school education. Totally with her on what she presented. I also liked the section on the school's English program which delved into how students would start getting into writing, through experiential exercises, teacher-students guided exercises before later progressing to joint student team writing assignments before embarking into writing their own journals. There will also be a lesser emphasis on the final year examinations too, which will now account for just 30% of the total scoring - continual assessments and assignments in the terms taking up the majority 70%.

I also found the introduction of new age digital media literary refreshing - students will get an opportunity to learn the skills of interviewing, writing scripts, putting to production virtual student exchanges with students from the US - all with the use of PCs, digital editing software and podcast production tools - pretty cool. How I wish to be a child again!

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