Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Year of the White Tiger -> my thoughts on Chinese New Year in 2010 (Part 1)

The Year of the Hard Working Ox (note the space in between "Hard" and "Working") has been a year of uncertainties and unnerving changes to both the macro economy globally right down to the people like me living in the heartlands of Singapore.

Waking up just before 5am for my morning jogs, I see many (more?) of the government flat houses around the flat where I live already lit up.  People appear to be getting up early or earlier to work, make ends meet.  Roads, Express high ways along Singapore are abuzz already before 7am.  Not sure if it were my imagination in the wee hours of the morning when driving to work.  Reports of accidents in the mornings or even later in the evenings appear to be more.  There are lots on people's minds even as they drive - heavy thoughts, and the lack of sleep did not help.

1 year earlier in end January 2009, I wrote a short post on "Dealing with the Financial Crisis" - changing priorities with Singaporeans.  1 year later, now, time to reflect.  Lots have transpassed.  Indeed, in my post "The Coming of the Year of the Ox - tamer, quieter, more reflective", there were signs of tightening purses, avid interest and sights on what laid ahead in the new year.

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