Monday, February 15, 2010

3 Trends in Social Media & Web 3.0 (PART 1)

Do you remember Ask Jeeves?  Valet, concierge services, whether offline, online or a hybrid of both click and mortar have been a facination of mine - how we as man constantly strive to get the automation of semantic understanding going, to enable our every whim and fancy more easily achievable with today's or tomorrow's hardware and software platforms. 

As an on-going observation, I put together my thoughts on what I see as the 3 trends on-going in today's social media, web 3.0 - how we are moving into the futuristic age of the Semantic Web (we are getting closer) and what we could look forward or look out for.

(1) Doing all your computing in the cloud

Google and Facebook are positioning themselves as your life's dashboard.  You do not need to have powerful computers or all the applications in your PC or mobile phone to perform tasks.  Cloud computing that's the buzz word and that's where a number of organisations are moving towards. 

Before Google Buzz came along, I was reading about a Singaporean company called Social Wok (have a look at the screenshot I link from SocialWok) who at last year's TechCrunch50 conference, made a big splash by winning the award for best demopit startup and launching its enterprise-friendly, FriendFeed-like layer for Google Apps - launching a social network wrapped around the very unsocial Google Apps.  In 22-JAN ’10: SocialWok launched a gadget to allow users access all the features of Socialwok without leaving Gmail. With the new gadget, Socialwok’s interface will appear within Gmail’s main canvas. Users can view, post and comment on updates; access feeds, files and Google Docs and search for posts, people, feeds, and files. Hmm, thought: a potential candidate for Google Acquisition?  Then along came #googlebuzz (just go search for Google Buzz or #googlebuzz in Twitter).

Then you have Facebook, where you can broadcast your life's moments, email, chat, upload and share photos, play social games like farming with friends and there are lots more apps which you could access from Facebook or apps you could link to Facebook available in the various Apps Stores.

More later as I talk about the other 2 trends
(2) My life needs to be served by a click (& quickly - thanks!)

(3) Privacy is but a window away

Nelson Wee

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