Sunday, June 13, 2010

Three Reasons Why the World Cup is a Social Magic Magnet

After a wait of four years, #worldcup2010 is now here, bringing with it a build up of buzz, a continual month of frenzy, before the winning country team hoists up proudly that symbolic cup of a global champion. As I watched Argentina #ARG beat Nigeria #NGA in the Singapore heartlands, I could see just why the World Cup is a Social Magic Magnet - from which social media marketing programs have much to learn from.

Here are the three reasons why World Cup is a Social Magic Magnet:

(1) World Cup Create Tribes & Tribes Are Social
There is a strong sense of nationalistic pride that people within a competing nation feel and this bonds them. Even fans like me, whose country is not competing in the World Cup, feel the need to wear the badge of their favourite team proudly. Here's me with my World Cup Twibbon.

People have an innate need of belong to a tribe and a cause. Belonging to tribes is infectious and social.

(2) World Cup brings about evolving stories & Stories bring Magic
Every moment in the World Cup can be magic. There is colorful drama, engaging conversations, continual buzz.

Different threads of movements and expressions can either be
  • weaved into delightful gems - brilliantly orchestrated OR
  • turn to near misses - lost in the cacophony of noise

Watch a World Cup match and you will see stories played before you every minute. And these stories are and bring magic.

(3) World Cup has a larger than life presence which acts as a Big Draw Magnet
The World Cup has a larger than life presence. Just go to any venue screening a World Cup match, and you will be drawn in to the match displayed on the TV or projector screen, as if it was a big draw magnet, to the match. World Cup matches
  • stops you in your tracks
  • draws you in
  • offers you exciting roller-coaster rides
World Cup matches are more fun when viewed and participated in groups. When you build up your presence like how the World Cup has succeeded in doing, you create raving fans, who act as a big draw magnet to the supporting tribes of the teams playing.

Looking forward to more of the pulsating moments, emotional drama, samba beats in the next upcoming World Cup matches. The World Cup is a Social Magic Magnet.  So is social media marketing programs, when they hit the right chord in their targeted consumers.

I have learnt and still learing lots recently on social media success case studies and what they entail. What are your thoughts on how successful social media marketing programs are or should be like?

Nelson Wee
Also see you at @nelsonwee


Anonymous said...

Now it has started and it's a bug, there are a couple of petitions online to ban the vuvuzela from the World Cup. Here's one:

James Yong said...

The World Cup also provides an excuse for a couple of friendly wagers .. hehehe