Saturday, May 8, 2010

How Chicago Domino Pizza Created Raving Customers with Social Media (#SMSS10 Day 2)

Day 2 (6-MAY, 3 am, GMT+8) of the Social Media Success Summit 2010 continued building the momentum from where Guy Kawasaki kicked off, with lots of vigor and energies from both the presenters and the participants' #smss10 firehose of tweets.

There were 3 sessions in day 2. The third session "How a Chicago Pizza Franchise used Social Media to create Raving customers" was conducted with great passion by Ramon De Leon, well-known as the Pizza Guy to know in Chicago. Ramon's session was jam-packed with many cool ideas - some of which I captured from my tweets to this post.

Ramon remains committed to deliver his pizzas to his customers using both social media as well as on-ground events:
1. Online ordering in 1998.

2. AOL Instant Messenger in 2004.

3. Campus Outreach to Facebook Fan base from 2005 onwards.
- RT @marismith: "How do you get the retweet effect on Facebook?" @Ramon_DeLeon reaches out to Group/Page Admins. #smss10

4. Twitter with innovative hashtags
- #RamonWow for strong association
RT @MariSmith: Too fun!!! @Ramon_DeLeon has his own Twitter hashtag #ramonWOW #smss10 (such a great idea!)
- # to enable dynamic offers

5. Twitter Photo Sharing
- Very personal sharing approach using TweetPhotos and getting customers to want photos and share them by @Ramon_DeLeon #smss10

6. Twitter IDs are conversational pieces
- RT @jaythedesignguy: Put your twitter IDs out there for people to see! Cards, billboards, cars! BE FOUND! @Ramon_DeLeon #smss10

- Promoting customers with a TwitterWall (distribute in pizza boxes) -> Neat Customer Intimacy & Engagement by @Ramon_LeDoan #smss10

My takeaways from Ramon when interacting with customers:
1. Be sincere in apologies to customers and you win them back
- his has had more than 126,000 impressions

2. Always be ready to post and share content
- Ramon sent a video thanks from UK to a customer who was tweeting happily about his Domino
- @RamonDeLeon Video Tools -> Flip Camera, Nokia N97 (5MP Camera, settings)

3. Stay focused and always engaged with your customers (potentials included)
- (looks like tweetdeck) is a great tool to monitor local (zip) topical (#hashtag) conversations says @Ramon_DeLeon #smss10
- Guest Pizza Maker Night Tweetup where a customer tweeted her request to learn to make pizzas - drew further conversations and engagements.
- Great tip->@Ramon_DeLeon to local businesses - set up your own location on FourSquare & see whos checking in & contact them! @kerifj

Ramon's mantra is to be the pizza guy from Chicago who always delivers his pizzas to his customers. And certainly, @Ramon_Deleon is redefining the Social Marketing Wow every min of this session => WOW! #smss10

There were much ground covered by Ramon in his presentation and I really look forward to you #smss10 participants out there could help me out in adding on to the comments.

Added to this post are related posts on Day 1 and Day 2 of #smss10 for your reference.

Till the next time,
Nelson Wee

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Janet Barclay said...

Nelson, thank you so much for writing this recap. Due to scheduling restrictions, I have to pick and choose the sessions that seem most relevant to my business and those of my clients, so I missed Ramon's, though I do plan to review it at a later date. I can see that much of his presentation was in fact relevant to any business, large or small, online or local.

Nelson Wee said...

Hi Janet, thanks for stopping by too. There was a lot of RamonWow in his presentation. Ramon's commitment and conviction to his customers can be felt throughout his passionate delivery. All these I felt comes from Ramon De Leon's unmoving focus on his business objectives - to be the Pizza man everyone in Chicago should know. And THAT really influences all his touchpoint strategies - online, offline.

@AlinaHere said...

Hi Nelson, thanks for linking your blog post to your comment on DrivinMedia's article. That's how I found you. ;) I think DeLeon is a trail blazer & instead of selling Pizza He actually created Relationships.

Everyone forgets that it's Not about selling a Product... It's All about selling YOURSELF.

When Social Media doesn't work it is because People inverted that equation. People follow You on Social Media because they Like You and the end result of them liking you is that they buy, use & share your products and business with others. Sooo Simple, Really.

Thanks for you article. I am wondering though...what is a Twitter id?? pls DM me at @AlinaHere. I'll be following you on twitter. Again thanks for this post. xoxo