Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My 2009 Birthday Message

Thought it appropriate to get to my long delayed posting since end Jan on my birthday - well incidentally, I am 29 this year, last year and the year after ... :) And well, like James, my apologies to my countable followers - life has been well hectic.

Another year gained in my journey in life ... another year wiser, another year tougher in mind and spirit I must say in these tough (getting tougher) times, and at times often than not, when I get to pause to reflect, another year of moments when I felt sorry for not spending enough time with my family. 24 hours, 7 days a week appear hardly enough these days for the mounting pressures and uncertainties in life these days ... it seems to me at least. Healthy for the spirit? purely rhetorical.

Around me, near areas I venture during the weekends, during meal times (we have to eat... though I wondered aloud to my wife just the other day, wonder how it would be like if I put my conscious into a cyborg and work tirelessly? you could imagine the hard stare I received) ... on a more serious note, there are often job fairs in the heartlands which set a sombre tone in the rhythm in life for a weekend out with family.

What's in store? When will the current cancer-stricken global financial system and markets rebound to better times? It's just about anyone's guess at this point. Could be 2 to 3 years later or more. And the harsh realities are blatant if not harshly poised in their assault. Mental strength, warm family support and we will all rise again, like a gryphon through the fire.

I am hanging in there. I hope and pray all will be well to one and all soon.

best regards,


James Yong said...

Happy birthday my fellow 29 year old friend :-) Glad to see your blog active again. I'm on a bit of a sabbatical with my Asian Observer, refocusing energies to fulfil one of my new year resolutions of trying to reconnect old classmates. If you're interested, check out http://stjoe-form5in1976.blogspot.com

Nelson Wee said...

Hi James, kinda wonder where did my loyal blog follower go to? :)

Had a go at your new blog and your bohemian look certainly brought a nice start to an otherwise slow Monday morning ... :)