Sunday, March 29, 2009

If Music be the Food of Soul - On My Music Playlist

I decided to pen down my playlist from over the years - a collective review and sharing on various music tracks I have found valuable, bringing back precious moments in life in waves of nostalgia. So here they are ...

(1) "Dream a little dream" by Laura Fygi
This was the first march in song for my wedding at the Intercontinental Hotel, Singapore. I will not forget the making of the dream which led to this milestone in my life. It never fails to dream, moulding it and making great moments happen in life. This is how I feel when I get this playing in my car music player.

(2) "Fallen" by Lauren Wood [click here for 30s sample]
This was the second march in song for my wedding (there were 2 march in for my wedding dinner). My wife was resplendent in her maroon and sequinned gown by Ted Wu. Playing this or hearing this on the radio never fails to bring back the moment.

(3) "All I ask of you" by Sarah Brightman and Cliff Richard [click here for 30s sample]

A most romantic rendition from the "Phantom of the Opera". Great to play this and listen in with your loved one by your side.

(4) "Jeux Interdits (Romance)" by Pepe Romero
This musical flute piece is becalming albeit comes with a tad of melancholic movements. I feel it makes for a great unique ringtone to call out for your attention, in a none too hurried wave - pleasant in today's rushed society.

(5) "For the first time" by Kenny Loggins
This brings back the many "first times" whimsical moments in your lives. Great to sit back, relax in a leather sofa and reminiscence.

(6) "Clarinet Concerto in A major" by Mozart

I played the B Flat Clarinet during my school days in the Band. I was introduced to this piece which had a great clarinet solo. I aspired then to achieve the mellow tone of the clarinet player for this rendition - Alfred Prinz. Que sera sera ... good ol' school days in Raffles Institution.

(7) "Abba Gold - Greatest Hits" [Click here for 30s samples]

The big band sound from Abba certainly transports one immediately into the seventies and early 80s. Even today, hits like "Dancing Queen", "Mamma Mia", "Knowing me, knowing you" etc lives on. Most evident especially in the recent "Mamma Mia" movie.

(8) "Islands in the stream" by Bee Gees [Click here for 30s sample]

I love the Bee Gees and will settle myself at any spot, be it the Electronics store just the other day was playing a Bee Gees concert DVD. This catchy tune from the Bee Gees will catch me humming and singing along to it whenever I play it over my car music player.

(9) "Vincent" by Don Mclean [CLICK here for 30s Sample]

I studied the lyrics of this song during my school days as part of my Literature module. It tells of the struggles amidst the strokes of artistic creativity of Vincent Van Gogh.

There are still many many other favourites though. But then again, to the Chinese, the number "9" symbolizes longevity or long-lasting and so I will leave my list here to end at 9.

A bientot, Nelson

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James Yong said...

Nice selection. In my books, anyone who appreciates Abba, Bee Gees and Cliff Richard has good taste :-) Try Neil Sedaka and Frankie Valli (or soundtrack from "Jersey Boys") sometime. I suspect you might like em.