Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our Visit to the Singapore Flyer

We are most blessed to be Singaporean - I must say. Yes, there are the ever-growing number of ERP gantries sprouting, the unceasingly growing traffic irrespective of measures taken, the typically unique local Singaporean nuances (like "choping seats at food centers", but heck, don't you (well I do) feel that tingling sense of belonging and welcome when you hear the air stewardess announce over the air "... and a warm welcome back to Singapore for all Singaporeans" as we touch down on the runway of Changi Airport?

Anyways, back to my visit to the Singapore Flyer. My family and I decided to experience the Singapore Flyer on 6-SEP ... or should I put this as my son kept reminding me (like a broken record as kids seem to be these days or is it just my son?) "Shall we go to the Singapore Flyer this weekend?".

First experience ... not trying to start on an unhappy note ... about the parking ... there was this car queue we had to contend with before we could get into the carpark located next to the flyer. And then the reason dawned upon us. The car park fee was not cheap - S$8 per entry (cash). Right ...

Elijah was excited though, chatting non-stop like a lark, supervising us to queue for the ticket (ticket booth was one level up from the car park via an elevator). While we queued, there he was then busy collecting brochures from the brochure stand and exclaiming, rather loudly for all to hear apparently, "Daddy, why are the brochures not in English?" "Well they are out of stock?" then the usual "why, why why ..." tirade starts ...

Ok back to the outing proper ... walking across the overhead bridge to the Singapore Flyer ... here is Elijah posing with his brochure.
"Let's go to the garden there ok?" said Elijah as we passed over the greenary located under the flyer. I nodded to yet another request from my 5 year old.

And so onward we marched for our ride ... and with Elijah by your side, it was like ...
step, step, question,
question again,
step, step,
and then ... voila ... we reached the "launch pad " to our ride ....

We all entered then the carriage (do I call it that? tell me please) of the flyer gingerly - ample space to walk around and gaze at the oncoming full-360 panoramic views. Have a look below. Notice the views around were prior the Singapore Formula One Night Race.

After the ride, we got round to the garden below the flyer. It was a nice cooling oasis, amidst the warm weather outside - small waterfalls, dedicated misty area, adopted plants, pond with fishes (and yes there was a kiosk for you to buy a small plastic box of fish food- costs about S$1 if I recall right), and yeah a small tunnel which Elijah was excited about (something I could not comprehend but hey, that's kids for you)

There were a restaurants, the usual souvenir shops and also a spa (to soothe your tired muscles (and fish to nibble at your toes too) - we did some window-shopping and then headed for our dinner somewhere else.

Personally, I found it a nice, pleasant experience. It is always good to spend time with the family and this was perfect - to have such panoramic views of a Singapore you seldom get to see, realize and appreciate.

Signing off, Nel

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Joy said...

Hey Nel,
Elijah's chatting sounds like Ethan. Maybe the boys should get together and talk their ears off!

And I believe it's called a capsule. Carriage sounds rather retro... ;)