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I am Caesar - Playful, Inquisitive, Fearless | Nelson Wee Blog Post | Singapore

I am Caesar - Playful, Inquisitive and Fearless.

Journeying to Singapore all the way from Taiwan on 9 May 2013, I found home 21 August 2013 finally with my current family of 4, which includes my pal and brother, Max (who is a King Charles Cavalier).

With a swagger in my walk, I am proud of my brindle coat - as you can see matches the sofa in the living room I simply love to climb up and lounge in.

(1) Why be playful?

Aw, come on. Life can be boring if seen in one lens. I love to play with the blue ball in the house, taunting my pal, Max with a crazy dance (ball in my mouth). He falls for it all the time. 

I see it during my walks around my neighbourhood that humans look ever so stressed. Why should this happen? 

Be playful, laugh it away by being silly - that's my mantra!

(2) Be inquisitive, aren't you?
There are many areas to explore in the house. Little nooks in between furniture I squeeze myself into. 

You should have seen the look on Max's face when I emerged out of the nook butt first. Just awakened from his nap, he must have mistaken my butt for something else!

Anyways, be inquisitive, do stuff, cos you never know what you can find or experience in life!

(3) Show no fear, why not?
I am proud to be known to be a gladiator - at least that's what my family fondly labels me. Being a French Bulldog, I may be small in size but never never show fear.

Darned those dogs in the neighbourhood which come barking at me when I go for walks. Fine they may be taller and bigger - just let me at them (I try in vain to pull my owner towards these aggressors).

Show no fear. It helps in my motivation in life, and I am sure this would help you too.

I am Caesar - playful, inquisitive, fearless. These values help me in my life. Why not have a go and tell me how it goes in your life?

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Till the next time,
signing off from Singapore,
Nelson Wee (proud to have Caesar in my family)

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