Sunday, August 4, 2013

Max and his 3 life principles | Nelson Wee | Singapore

My family welcomed a new addition to our family about 2 weeks ago. Say hello to Max - a cute four month old King Charles Cavalier. Whilst re-adjusting our lives to Max, I just took stock on how Max with his little actions and ways, highlighted the following Max's 3 life principles, which I find could be applied to our daily lives and habits ... ;-)

(1) Explore always the unknown (and keep testing the boundaries)
  • Max like all cute dogs never gives up exploring and sniff out new objects or places around our house to play or rather nibble at - like the poor rug in my living room.
  • And Max never ceases trying in testing our boundaries on getting at what he wants.
  • Such curious and indomitable spirit is definitely applicable to all things in life - family, love, friendships, business and more.

(2) Go for the low-hanging fruit
  • One thing about Max is that he is a pretty intelligent fella.
  • Knowing he will get a treat if he poohs in the toilet, he actually positioned himself near the toilet the other day after his meal. Just so that he could immediately pooh (puppies I understand can't quite control their bowels at this young age) in the right place and get his treat!
  • Clearly defining and understanding how and where to play in life for clearing away the big rocks and getting to even small immediate rewards, can be motivating and get you to bigger things in life.

(3) Position yourself and prime your audience
  • In his cute and intelligent way, Max has sniffed out a way on how to get his belly scratched. Every time he sees us approaching him or when he goes close to us, he will lay himself on the floor, flip over his belly, place his four paws in a begging position and look into our eyes.
  • To this, I salute Max for being able to position himself well, engaging and priming his audience, evoking desired emotions and getting to the desired actions.
  • Max is a storyteller and a storydoer indeed!

Our lives have been transformed by Max since he arrived. And we are looking forward to many good years with this cute and intelligent fella.

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