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4 More Hot Trends to watch for in 2013

In my last post, I talked about the following 4 Hot Trends to watch for in 2013 ... 

(1) Tablets will rule with Smart Tabs, Mass Tabs, Phablets

(2) Content and merchandise everywhere

(3) Apps with niche communities thrive

(4) Communication made richer via mobile social

Here are 4 more trends in 2013 to look out for:
(5) Connecting the last mile to spur innovation
  • In a previous post "5 pillars of digital content internet business", the fifth pillar in the digital content value chain is fulfilment - the last mile connection to the consumer in terms of actually delivering the content and the associated analytics behind the transactions.
  • However, there are inherent issues in the mobile network congestion in the mobile operators' networks, increasingly in a number of markets like Australia, Singapore etc. With growing consumer dissatisfaction, content and service providers will be faced with huge barriers caused by on-going user experience, consumer adoption of their services, and growing their businesses.
  • So, it is not surprising to see offload of mobile data traffic to Wifi from smartphones and tablets. In the US according to Cisco forecast, mobile data traffic offload to Wifi have grown from 21% in 2010 to almost 50% in 2011.
  • So, whilst there are challenges in the market forces, it is encouraging to see  Government initiatives to encourage mobile data offload to wifi in the US (policy to encourage innovation) and Malaysia (policy on Wifi coverage in Kuala Lumpur shopping malls).
  • Watch out also for innovative startups like yourkarma riding on this wave to better serve the disgruntled and time-starved digital consumer who demand always on-the-go connectivity.  
(6) BYOD + MDM comes to the Living Room
(7) With SoLoMo, comes LOY
(8) Health and happiness of consumers
  • Curation is important. In the year ahead, tomorrow's consumers will grow more demanding with the increasing deluge of media and communication coming right at them.
  • Careful attention and respect needs to be paid to permission-based data collection and profiling of consumers, taking note and balancing with their privacy needs.
  • Also to note, a study suggests that 66% of consumers now expect customer care via social media, aka social care and so businesses will need to take ownership and drive omni-channel marketing into this area to achieve customer happiness.
In summary, 2013 will portend new, innovative, challenging and potentially game-changing market plays from the following 8 hot trends.
  1. multiple devices and bigger viewing real estates, 
  2. to content and merchandise, 
  3. to apps offering windows to various/niche social communities, 
  4. to richer forms of interactive communication and messaging,
  5. to connecting the last mile and help drive consumption,
  6. to MDM in the living room,
  7. to the focused convergence of SoLoMoLOY,
  8. and finally for the market need of businesses today in accounting for the health and happiness of their consumers.

What are your views on these hot trends in 2013? 

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