Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Consumers are buying time

If there is one thing that the world is trending towards to these days, it would be this - "Consumers are buying time."

Do you get it?  Or perhaps, do the following ring a bell?

1. You have to get that gift for your special someone. But no, your office emails are piling up, the deadlines are looming, and you are totally fazed with the information overload.  You dig deep to manage the pressure (and there are ways to focus and get things done). You reach down to your nearest trusted deals app to grab an attractive offer.

2. You work your butt out more than 10, 11, 12 hours a day at the office.  Time flies by.  You look at your watch and feel you need to pack up to catch a warm dinner at home and catch some time with your kid before bed-time.  The dreaded Electronic Road Pricing system (the automated toll booth in Singapore) is still operational until 8pm every working weekday. But you decide to go home earlier, pay the toll because it's worth it.

3. You brave daily the crowded public transport (buses, trains), struggling to read the news on a daily from your smartphone, tablet (you missed getting hold of your newspapers from home or perhaps you have stopped subscription for the paper newspaper).  You had decided a while back to pay for your digital paper, your favourite eMagazine or even that odd eBook you had decided to pick up to make the most of your downtime waiting for your ride to the office or back home.

Are you able to associate to the above 3 scenarios?  While pretty local to Singaporeans, I dare say that these could be well linked to the lives of many urbanites all over the world.

With the sweeping wave of online and mobility trends all over the world and into Southeast Asia, ancillary revenue opportunities will open to different markets, abound via a mix of traditional and ancillary channels.  What are your observations? Are you riding the wave today?  I look forward to listen to your thoughts.

More discussions around the above topics in my later posts.

See you soon~
Nelson Wee

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