Monday, February 22, 2010

Under the sea ...

A first time for me - visiting the Singapore Science Center Omni theater last Saturday (20-FEB) with my wife and son.  The Omni theater was opened in 1989 and it has been offering a growing number of IMAX 3D movies over the years.

We watched "Under the Sea" and were instantly immersed into the enchanting beauty of the sea and her colorful fish, sea lions, corals etc.  This 3D exploratory documentary, whilst had a most calming effect on our senses, sent us prodding reminders on the wonderous beauty we as man will be wasting away, destroying and so losing out in the coming years, if we do not cherish the seas and continue our current wayward ways in pollution.

Strongly recommend you go for this movie.  Certainly sets you thinking.  What are your recommendations for documentaries around similar themes?

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