Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Thoughts on 1-JAN-2009

Today, I chanced upon the following illustration in the Straits Times, page 2, which I found most apt given where and what economic platform we are starting from in 2009, and what our attitudes we should adopt to face this upcoming year's challenges.

Despite what dark clouds may loom above us, we will need to rise above our comfort zones, reach out and grab the moments - whether with family, with colleagues, with work, to relish, and have lived to tell others of a most fulfilling 2009 we all had.

And here's a simple wish for all, in this coming 2009 with an all-time favourite band of mine, ABBA - the sound which has had a resurgent wave since the Mama Mia movie... so infectious that my 6 year old insists I turn on the Abba or Mama Mia CD whenver he gets on our car...:)

And with this, I would like to end with the notes of ABBA's song "I have a dream" in my head and for you who are reading this ... I am sure we all are ... to see the wonder of every moment and to bear hope as we usher in a brand new year albeit with its challenges. Here's my wishes to you, to the world for ... a most safe, healthy, and peaceful 2009 to all of you ... cheers!


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James Yong said...

ABBA huh? I guess you must have been to Sweden and seen the ABBA images plastered all over Stockholm airport. One of their great exports, together with IKEA, Volvo and Britt Ekland ...